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Sansui D-77F

The emphasis is on ease of use, with feather touch tape controls and a convenient operat­ing panel. 3-song AMPS is an indispensable Sansui feature you won't find anywhere else. Feather-touch, logic controlled two-motor tape transport, "Compu Edit." for dubbing programmed songs from disc to tape (with P-M77 or P-L50 turntable). 3-song AMPS for cue, skip and repeat. ALC (Automatic Level Control). Dolby B NR system. Weight 3.6kg.

Sansui D-77F

Sansui D-77F

Cassette Deck


Heads: Rec/Pb: High-Bs Hard Permalloy; Erase: High-Bs Ferrite

Wow & Flutter: 0.05% (WRMS)

Frequency Response: Metal Tape: 20 - 18.000Hz

S/N Ratio: (Dolby NR on, Metal): 68dB (above 5kHz)

Dimensions (W x H x D, mm): 430 x 118 x 223

Weight: 3.6kg

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